Tea of Gold – 2023 Harvest


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The name of this tea in Chinese is Huang Jin Cha, and it translates directly to “tea of gold.” This extraordinary tea is produced from China Jiangxi Province’s famous San Qing Shan, a Taoist retreat and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Legend says that the venerable Taoist Ge Hong resided there and regularly enjoyed Huang Jin Cha in order to aid in his practice of Taoism. It has also been said to have cured fighting armies and visiting dignitaries like Emperor Qian Long from heat exhaustion—so well that farmers were rewarded in gold in exchange for this absolutely excellent tea. The tea is later named Huang Jin Cha in reference to its high value and exceptionally high content of L. Theanine.

To us, this is just an exceptionally great-tasting tea composed of dark green leaves that are covered in white fur and vibrant freshness. It’s clean and sweet with an intriguing complexity and hints of sweetgrass mixed in with a few wildflower notes and a creamy texture. Long-lasting smooth milky aftertaste. Excellent and forgiving brewing with hot or lower temperatures.


Jiangxi, China


It is imperative that this tea is prepared with great-tasting water in order to reveal its full potential. We suggest 3-5 grams of tea per 6 oz water, infuse with hot but not boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes, depending on the intensity desired. As always, adjustments must be made to accommodate your own preference.


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