Organic Cloud Mist

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Organic Cloud Mist’s beautifully curled, deep green leaves produce a golden-yellow infusion with a strong green tea flavor and a crisp refreshing finish.


Zhejiang, China: Zhejiang, China is an eastern coastal province with a humid, subtropical climate. One of the most famous tea producing regions in China, records of tea production here date back as early as the Wei and Jin Dynasties, 1500 years ago.


Organic Cloud Mist is suited to preparation in either a traditional Gaiwan or regular teapot. Allow about 3-4 grams of leaves per standard 6oz Gaiwan or per 8-10 oz of water if teapot is used. Infuse 1-3 minutes with water no hotter than 80C (176F). Organic Cloud Mist may be re-steeped several times. Always adjust quantity of leaves, infusion time, and water temperature according to your personal preferences.

8 reviews for Organic Cloud Mist

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  1. I personally like this tea for it’s non grassy taste, a bit nutty hint.

  2. Imperial Tea Court has the highest quality teas. It’s my favorite source for tea the past 15 years!

  3. I love all the teas provided by Imperial Tea Court. My only complaint on my most recent order is I paid got 2 day shipping, and it took 4 days to deliver.

  4. I found the tea without any scent and rather flat in taste though highly astringent. It seemed lacking in freshness.

  5. Brewed at 175F for 2 minutes, this has an aroma of spice and the taste of sweet almonds. Very slight tannic finish that fades to sweetness.

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