Jin Xuan Milky Oolong

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Generally, there is a lot of confusion over how Milk Oolong is made. The truth is, the milk essence is similar to the elusive muscatel flavors in great Darjeelings—even the best gardens cannot guarantee abundant or even consistent amounts of flavor. The same applies to the floral milkiness that is unique to Jin Xuan varietal oolongs of Taiwan. Our lightly oxidized varietal displays an elegant yet insistent, milky flavor and a uniquely creamy mouth-feel. This offering of authentic milk oolong is simply not to be missed!


Taiwan: Formally known as Formosa, Taiwan is a renowned producer of oolong teas. The oldest tea plants were found in Shi Sha Lein. Commercial cultivation began there in 1841. Li Shan and Nantou are known for its distinctive style of high mountain oolongs.


The milky flavor and texture of this Oolong seem to have replaced much of the astringency commonly associated with other Oolongs, so you will find it equally delightful if you are a seasoned tea veteran or beginner. We recommend using hot (near boiling) water for a 1-2 minute steeping. Always adjust quantity of leaves, infusion time, and water temperature according to your personal preferences. Be sure to let it cool a bit before enjoying.

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  1. Very forgiving and silky smooth. One of my favorite teas.

  2. I am new to oolongs and was curious about jin xuan. I got the smaller size and it smells fragrant and tastes good. I think I prefer other teas but I was delighted by the fast shipping and the brewing instructions which help a novice like me.

  3. This tea exceeded all my expectations!
    Definitely will order more!

  4. Not wanting to rush into things, i have so far only sniffed and snuffled into the bag, but the faint lactical hints are intriguing. I’ll brew a pot on New Year’s Day to welcome fresh possibilities. Stay tuned.

  5. This tea has such a smooth and unique flavor one must try it to understand what I’m trying to convey. I’vet tried other “milky oolongs” but Imperial Tea Court has the best I’ve ever had.

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