Imperial Breakfast Black Tea

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A unique blend of superior black teas balanced to create a complex, traditional, full-flavored breakfast tea. The liquor features bright amber tones, with unique aromatics and a well-rounded taste that refreshes your body with hints of citrus and a whisper of smoke. Our Imperial Breakfast is excellent with a wedge of lemon or sugar. Try this blend to start the day or for a stimulating afternoon tea break.


China, Sri Lanka


Imperial Breakfast is a versatile tea that can be prepared with either a large teapot, individual Gaiwans or gongfu style in an Yixing clay pot. In order to bring out the fullest flavor, we suggest infusing 3-4 grams of tea per 10 oz of water for 3 to 5 minutes. Because high-quality teas blended are together to create Imperial Breakfast, it may be resteeped several times. After the first infusion you may wish to increase the steeping time, and for the third and subsequent infusions, we suggest using water which has just come to a boil.

10 reviews for Imperial Breakfast Black Tea

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  1. Lynne Devereux

    Delicious with strong vanilla nites

  2. Carolyn Brooks

    Rich, full flavor.

  3. Marilyn Kaplan

    Just the right touching sweetness, just the right touch of tartness make this my fav breakfast tea. With a bit of whipped milk!!!

  4. Marilyn Kaplan

    This tea seems to hit all the right taste buds with me. Sweet and delicious.

  5. Carole Capper

    biggest problem with teas is receiving them! Why is the shipping so expensive and yet so slow.

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