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Imperial Bao Zhong

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The trademark dark green twisted leaves and sweet sumptuous floral notes are elements that makes the Bao Zhong (also known as Pouchong in the west) unique, but great Bao Zhong have been hard to find in the market recently. As a result, it has been a long time since we’ve been able to offer a Bao Zhong worthy of our Imperial standard. But this year we are honored and excited to present this exceptional example of what an Imperial Bao Zhong should be: elegant, hand-rolled leaves and a cup that produces a bright-yellow green liquor with a silky texture. Floral notes are complimented by a satisfying and smooth mouth-feel with a long finish. Yet the most unique feature of this incredible tea is its forgiving and full-bodied nature, which makes the Imperial Bao Zhong a great tea for those craving it’s stunningly refined taste.


Taiwan: Formally known as Formosa, Taiwan is a renowned producer of oolong teas. The oldest tea plants were found in Shi Sha Lein. Commercial cultivation began there in 1841. Li Shan and Nantou are known for its distinctive style of high mountain oolongs.


The mild nature and its large leaves makes it important to either measure by weight (approximately 5 grams/8 oz of water) or to use a bit more leaves than you think if you’re eyeballing the amount. We suggest using a larger Gaiwan or Tea Pot to allow the leaves to unfurl fully. If you preferred more floral note, use lower temperature water for a longer steeping and enjoy. A near boiling temperature infusion and shorter steeping time will bring a bit more intensity, we do recommend allowing your tea to cool a bit before enjoying. Always use good tasting water to make your tea, and adjust the quantity of tea used, temperature, and steeping time according to your own preferences.

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  1. Troy Miller

    This is my favorite oolong from Imperial Tea Court. It is an extremely enjoyable tea.

  2. Roberta Lewis

    This tea has remained a favorite for many years. I love the wonderful floral notes that are accentuated by brewing at a lower temperature–about 150 degrees. I look forward to Imperial Tea continuing to supply this tea.

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