Four Seasons Superior Green Oolong

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This is a fantastic, lightly oxidized green oolong from Taiwan. The island is known for its high mountain gardens that provide the perfect environment to cultivate this tea’s large, distinctively fragrant leaves. When brewed, they unfurl to produce a delicate infusion whose smooth, well-rounded flavor is uniquely sweet and floral, with a refreshing, long-lasting aftertaste. A sophisticated tea priced for everyday drinking.


Taiwan: Formally known as Formosa, is a renowned producer of oolong teas. The oldest tea plants were found in Shi Sha Lein and commercial cultivation began here in 1841. A Li Shan, Li Shan an Nantou are known for its dong ding style high mountain oolong.


Four Seasons Superior Green Oolong is a versatile tea which may be prepared in many ways. Allow approximately 3-5 grams of leaf per Gaiwan and near boiling water with an infusion time of 2-3 minutes. Re-steep several times, gradually increasing infusion time and temperature to taste. Always adjust quantity of leaves, infusion time, and water temperature according to your personal preferences.

12 reviews for Four Seasons Superior Green Oolong

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  1. Wonderful service and delicious product. Recommended!

  2. Nice color. Mostly whole leaf when brewed and very few stems, all short and attached to whole leaves….a really clean tea . No dust. A rich orchid floral aroma that I love in oolongs. Second infusion just as good as first; maybe better. Third infusion not as good, but I like this tea ! I confess, I’m a new loose tea drinker who has given up bagged tea, so I’m pretty jazzed on good loose-leaf. Steve

  3. Good freshness. Not knock-your-socks off, but a very pleasant every day tea.

  4. I am hooked on Imperial Green Oolong but decided to try a less expensive version. This is pretty good.

  5. Adore this tea! Tightly wound buds unfurl to the most beautiful pristine tea leaves! The fragrance, mouthfeel and taste leaves me craving more!

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