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Fans of our tea shop may recognize this popular white from years past. We are returning it from our vaults in time for its sweet, youthful flavor to remind you that no matter how gloomy the winter may grow, you can always brew springtime in a teacup, and that you can enjoy it affordably “every day”. Grown in China’s Fujian province, this versatile and forgiving white is harvested during the first flush of the year. It is produced by the traditional method of sun-drying, which preserves many visual and aromatic elements of the living plant, and creates a tea that is both pure and satisfying. The infant buds are still furred with silver hairs, or “mao,” which indicate youthful, spring-harvested leaves. If you look closely, you will notice that even the undersides of the largest leaves in this set are downy with “mao”. The result is a pleasantly creamy texture on the tongue and a smooth finish. The infusion is delicately golden in color, and features a delightful full-mouth sweetness, with suggestions of honeysuckle, wheat grass, and notes of peach.


Fujian, China: Fujian is a coastal province in southeastern China where the finest oolong, white, and jasmine teas are produced. According to the written record, teas have been produced there for well over 1,600 years. Growers currently produce five different categories of tea, most of which originated in the province.


Everyday White may be prepared in a standard teapot, or in your favorite mug or lidded giawan. For best results, we recommend that you pre-warm your vessel, and place 3 to 4 grams of leaf per 8 oz of liquid, before infusing with near boiling water for 1-3 minutes. Experimenting with your own temperatures and steeping times is encouraged, especially with such a forgiving tea. Cooler temperatures and shorter times yield more mellow, fruity elements, while hotter water and longer times produce more floral and full-bodied complexities. Always use the best-tasting water you can find, and adjust steeping times, quantity of leaves, and water temperature to your personal preferences.

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  1. I did a side-by side comparison of 3 white teas.
    Everyday White: Mildest taste of these 3 white teas. Slightly bitter.

    Superior White Peony: I liked this the best. The brew is darker tan than the other 2 white teas. I enjoy this flavor with slight hint of fruity notes. It is also the least expensive.
    Organic White Peony: Milder taste than than Superior White Peony. Slightly bitter.

  2. see above

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