Earl Grey Black Tea

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This black tea is named after Charles Grey, the prime minister to King William IV in the early 19th century. Earl Grey gets its distinctive flavor from the oil of Bergamot, a citric orange-like fruit. The result is an excellent daily drinking tea full of body and flavor. Perfect for any occasion. Earl Grey is perfect served plain or with milk and sugar.


Anhui, China. A province in southeastern China, known for producing black teas in the late 1800’s. A number of excellent green teas are also grown in the area.


We recommend using a standard, pre-warmed teapot filled with approximately one teaspoon of leaf per cup. Infuse 3-5 minutes with near-boiling water and serve, adjust steeping time according to your desired strength.

22 reviews for Earl Grey Black Tea

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  1. Kathryn Kathman

    My niece and I had a virtual/online tea using our traditional Gaiwans purchased from the Imperial Tea Court. We had such fun and really enjoyed sharing the tradition and the tea together.

  2. John Skupny

    Been a fan for more than a couple of years. One of my greatest joys is receiving a new batch and the scent that consumes the room when I open the bag.. bravo.

  3. John Skupny

    Great ordering options! speedy delivery, even during the Covid19 delivery slowdown. I have to time my supply so that I do not run out! A must have..

  4. Nana DawsonAndoh

    I’m a big fan of this tea and I was very happy to be able to order some online. I love Imperial Tea Court and was very happy to support them during these crazy times. Thank you!

  5. Dawn

    Just what Earl Grey is suppose to be. Floral without being soapy. Smooth and citrusy. Fast delivery considering the shelter in place that we are going through.

    Just a bit of normalcy in our crazy, mixed up lives.

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