Collectible White Tea Cake

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White Tea has been known to age well and White Tea cakes are almost as valuable as Puerh Tea cakes. Compressed white tea cakes are lightly pressed, and also easier to break apart than Puerh cakes because they are made from larger, flat leaves. These White Tea cakes are made with high-quality, traditionally produced white peony grade teas and display a unique fruitiness when infused in low-temperature water for an extended period of time (try long steepings of over 10 minutes). We encourage you to experiment.


Fujian, China: Fujian is a coastal province in southeastern China where the finest oolong, white, and jasmine teas are produced. According to the written record, teas have been produced there for well over 1,600 years. Growers currently produce five different categories of tea, most of which originated in the province.


Gently break down the tea cake, trying not to crush the leaves as much as possible. A Puerh knife can be used, but these White Tea cakes are rather easy to break apart by hand. Use 3-5 grams of tea per 8 oz of water. Start with hot water and infuse for a minute or two, but as always, please adjust steeping time, the quantity of leaves and water temperature according to your own preference. We’ve found that using hot water to extract flavor, but waiting for the water to cool a bit before drinking yields better mouth-feel. Also try brewing this tea with cool water for an extended period of time.


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