2011 Vintage Chun Zhi Yun Sheng Tea Cake from Jing Mai Shan

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Chun Zhi Yun, which means the rhyme of spring, is produced from the Jing Mai Shan area, one of the six famous Puerh tea growing regions of Yunnan. The high altitude (almost 4600 ft) and abundant wild tea trees in the area produce some of the most prized Puerh teas in the world. Jing Mai Shan teas are known to have tightly curled, dark lustered leaves that have a long-lasting, sweet finish and a unique tannin that creates unequalled complexity. Jing Mai Shan translates to step towards scenery, and the name of this 2011 vintage exceptional,¬†collectible¬†“sheng” cake says it all.


Yunnan, China: With abundant rainfall, mild climate, and fertile land, Yunnan Province has ideal conditions for tea cultivation and is known as the historical birthplace of medicinal teas.


Puerh teas, in general, are rather strong in nature but that doesn’t mean you will always need boiling water to brew a great cup. In our cupping experience, we used near boiling water for quick successive brewing. Steeping time is always subject to how much tea you use and how much intensity you want in your tea. For higher intensity, use near boiling or boiling water for slightly longer steeping time, Increase intensity further by using more tea. To taste more of the subtle flavors and floral and fruity notes, use lower temperature water for longer steepings. Always adjust quantity of leaves, infusion time, and water temperature according to your personal preferences.


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