Bing Dao Sheng Puerh

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Perhaps one of the most prized Puerh teas on earth, the name Bing Dao translates in Chinese to “Ice Island”, inspiring thoughts of high altitude and ice covered mountain tops. However, The Bing Dao Village has nothing to do with ice or cold weather. The name Bing Dao is a homophone in the local Dai dialect, meaning a bamboo gated community. The Bing Dao area is small and covered by natural jungles. The large ancient arbor tea trees that grow produce tremendously expansive and exquisite teas. The cup is bright and clear with a light yellowish golden color. With a strikingly seductive softness at the palate, the first sip is often slightly tannic, but quickly changes into a soothing sweetness that lingers long after the first sip. A bit of wild fruit and honey tones soon follow. The great Bing Dao teas are to be explored and learned, so multiple infusions are encouraged. We recommend trying different combinations of amount of leaves, temperatures and steeping times. This great tea is a learning experience each and every time you encounter it.


Yunnan, China: With abundant rainfall, mild climate, and fertile land, Yunnan Province has ideal conditions for tea cultivation and is known as the historical birthplace of medicinal teas.


Despite popular belief, Puerh tea doesn’t always need to be steeped with boiling water. While there’s certainly a place for using a full Gaiwan of tea and doing quick, repeated infusions with boiling water (as many Chinese Puerh drinkers like to do), this is only one of the many ways of enjoying fine “sheng” puerh teas. Water below boiling is certainly a way to explore the multiple complexities of great “sheng” puerhs. For those who would like guidelines as a starting point, we suggest using approximately 5 grams of tea, steeping with hot but not boiling water in a 6 oz porcelain or earthenware Gaiwan for 1-2 minutes. Drain into another cup before enjoying. Always adjust quantity of leaves, infusion time, and water temperature according to your personal preferences.


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