Ancient Seven Gaiwan Tea Set


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In traditional Chinese culture, the number seven represents the combination of Yin, Yang and Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). This combination is considered “harmony” in Confucianism. In Chinese Taoism, it stands for Tao which has a close connection with kindness and beauty.

Includes 1 teahouse Gaiwan and 7 Aged Mandarin Puerh pieces.

Teahouse Gaiwan
A porcelain Gaiwan is the classic teaware used for Chinese Gongfu Cha. It has three parts: the lid, representing Heaven, the saucer representing Earth, and the bowl in between represents us humans. Altogether it represents the harmony between heaven, human and earth.

Aged Mandarin Puerh
Produced in 2017 with 15-year-old Puerh tea, this puerh collectable is crafted with small mandarins that are hollowed out by hand, then filled with premium puerh tea. The tea-filled mandarins are then wrapped, allowing the tea to age and absorb some of the fruitiness. The mandarin peels become more fragrant and flavorful as they age. Aged mandarin peels increase in as puerh does. Three mandarin puerhs are included in the set.


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