Aged Wild Tree Shou Puerh

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This Aged Wild Tree Puerh is from uncultivated trees in the Ban Zhang and Nan Nuo Shan areas of the Yunnan province. This tea is 10+ years old and was naturally aged in the Guandong province. All puerh teas start their lives as green puerh or raw tea. The tea is then either fermented by adding water to the dried leaves or naturally aged. The natural oxidation slowly turns the green tea into a dark puerh or shou tea. Originally, this tea was reserved to produce one of our signature puerh tea cakes. However, we decided to offer the Aged Wild Tree Shou Puerh as loose leaf, so customers can sample this unique tea without having to buy the entire cake! The active bacteria level in aging the tea in a more humid climate produces the unique and clean earthy notes associated with aged puerh—but there is more. The aging has compacted the fruit and sweetness unique to green puerhs which is revealed in consecutive steepings. After inspecting the leaves, some are starting to turn brown, but many of the leaves are still green. This puerh can easily be enjoyed for 20 years or more.


Yunnan, China: With abundant rainfall, mild climate, and fertile land, Yunnan Province has ideal conditions for tea cultivation and is known as the historical birthplace of medicinal teas.


In brewing the Aged Wild Tree Puerh, use water near boiling. The tea brews up to a copper color and tastes so smooth with the typical earthy characteristics of an aged puerh you might expect, yet slightly green. You can definitely enjoy the tea now or put it aside for years to come. Always adjust quantity of leaves, infusion time, and water temperature according to your personal preferences.

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  1. Excellent leaf structure. Forest floor, mushroom notes without being musty. Fast delivery.

  2. This gift tea was regarded highly, very stimulating

  3. I have bought this tea from Imperial over the years, and always find it exceptionally good.

  4. A complex tea, seeming both delicate and robust simultaneously. I have been buying this, and drinking it, for some years. It is not cheap, but it is very good indeed.

  5. this was the first pu erh I tried, and I loved it. after sampling many others, this is still my favorite!

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