2003 Yi Wu Shan Wild Tree Sheng Puerh Tea Cake

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In ancient times, great teas were harvested from wild tea trees rather from carefully trimmed tea bushes, as seen on modern tea farms. The overthrow of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 ushered in years of war and upheaval during which many tea farms were neglected and the tea bushes grew into magnificent wild tea trees. Imperial Tea Court is proud to offer from Yi Wu Shan this wonderful “Wild Tree” Puerh. A refreshing smokiness enhances the complexity and full bodied nature of this young puerh tea. The slight floral and fruit aromatics are uncommon and little known, as most people’s experience with puerh starts and stops with the “black” or “finished” Puerh. Yi Wu Green Puerh is best brewed at a lower temperature, like a fine green tea. Try it! Taste a tea like the ancients drank. This will be the beginning of a whole new world of Puerh tea for you! And its reasonably priced to help you begin your collection.


Yunnan, China: With abundant rainfall, mild climate, and fertile land, Yunnan Province has ideal conditions for tea cultivation and is known as the historical birthplace of medicinal teas.


To prepare Puerh tea from cakes or bricks, break off a small piece and gently crumble it into a teapot or Gaiwan. Quickly flush (cover the leaves with hot water and pour it off) and appreciate the aroma of the wet leaves. Then infuse with relatively cool water (55-65C/131-149F) water for 2-3 minutes and serve. Always adjust quantity of leaves, infusion time, and water temperature according to your personal preferences.


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