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Tea House Gaiwan and Bestsellers Set
Tea House Gaiwan and Bestsellers Set

Price: $60.00



We at Imperial Tea Court wish you and yours much happiness for the Lunar New Year! The Chinese say that whatever you do on Chinese New Year, you'll do all year long. We want you to take the time to enjoy life and ensure a year of great sipping by offering our top sellers with our traditional teahouse gaiwan.

Set includes one Tea House Gaiwan and one ounce each of the following teas:

Monkey Picked Tie Guan Yin - Imperial Tea Court's signature since 1993. Legend has it that this tea was first harvested by monkeys in the Wuyi mountains. Later, it became the Southern Chinese tea merchants' proudest signature tea.

Organic Kabusecha - This high quality Japanese green tea goes through several weeks of shading with “kabuse nets'' before the harvest. The selection of only the most delicate leaves guarantee a top class tea.

Imperial Jasmine Pearls - The almost snow-white "pearls” unfold to deliver an unparalleled rich, smooth, soft, sweet and long floral finish. An all time favorite since the opening of Imperial Tea Court back in 1993. Every review we’ve ever received is 5 stars!

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