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Organic Ceremonial Matcha
Organic Ceremonial Matcha


Ceremonial Matcha:

The highest and finest grade of green tea from the leaves of shade tea trees and is usually used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Young green leaves are picked early in the morning and quickly steamed to seal the flavor. Soulfully produced and balanced, offering strong umami, fresh fragrance and uplifting Ceremonial Matcha from Kagoshima, Japan. Incredible value for a high-quality organic Japanese Matcha.

Sift 1-2 chashaku (matcha spoons) of matcha through a sieve for a creamier mousse Warm
your chawan (bowl) with hot water, empty and wipe it dry.
Add your sifted matcha into the bowl next to 70ml of water (75°C) onto the tea. The sift yields creamier, frothier matcha.
Whisk with energy in "W"; movements and flow the chasen (bamboo whisk) beneath the surface. As foam starts to form, gradually raise your whisking towards the central surface. Every step should be done mindfully, like a dance.
Allow yourself time to sit still, be present before sipping your matcha. Enjoy!

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