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Three-Legged Treasure Toad
Three-Legged Treasure Toad


Three-Legged Treasure Toad*:

The Three-Legged Treasure Toad is a powerful symbol of wealth in Feng Shui. This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes where the residents are said to receive good news the very next day. This is usually in the form of wealth or monetary gain. The Three-Legged Treasure Toad holds a golden coin in its mouth, brings a string of coins on each side and carries seven stars on its back depicting the Ursa Major (Great North Pole 7 Stars) which are the base of Chinese Elemental Astrology Study and Feng Shui. It is usually placed near cash registers, reception areas, managers' desk and offices of many successful businesses in Asia. At home, the Treasure Toad is placed in the corners of the living room or family rooms to enhance wealth Chi (energy) of the household. This Treasure Toad is made from Yixing Clay with a fine touch for details.

It comes in a silk gift box and is a great gift idea.

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