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Tan Yang Congou
Tan Yan Congou


Tan Yan Congou:

Brewing Suggestions
We couldn’t help but fall in love with this beautiful black tea. The leaves are tightly rolled with ample amounts of golden tips, displaying an almost oily looking lusciousness that is not found in modern day black teas. Tan Yang Congou comes with a long and distinguish pedigree—during the late Qing Dynasty, Tan Yang (sometimes known as Tanyang) black tea was exported to Western Europe with great success. Along with its Oolong, Jasmine and White teas, Fujian province also boasts some of the best known black teas. This Tan Yang Congou is light and refreshing, with an unequally delightful sweetness that is complimented by its one-of-a-kind subtle earthiness and virtually no astringency. This is a black tea most suitable for multiple short infusions. Its soothingly smooth flavor and beautiful amber infusion is an almost meditative tea experience.

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