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Berkeley Teahouse Menu


Vegetable Fried Rice $8

Stir-fried organic brown rice with

eggs, cabbage, peas and carrots.

Beijing-Style Beef Stew $13

Slow braised organic beef chuck-eye

served with brown rice and peas.

Tea Oil Chicken $12

Free range chicken breast, celery and

red bell pepper stir-fried in our rendition

of sweet and sour sauce. Served with

brown rice.

Stir-Fried Garlic Shrimp $13

Flaming wok stir-fried jumbo prawns

and celery, stir-fried in garlic sauce.

Served with brown rice.

Mandarin Tofu $10.50

Organic tofu stir-fried with celery and red

bell peppers in a Beijing style sweet bean

sauce. Served with brown rice and greens.

Also available with chicken. $12

Hong King Yellow Curry $10.50

Owner's childhood favorite: slow cooked

mild curry with Kabocha squash and

carrots. Served with brown rice and greens.

Available with chicken $12

Available with fried tofu $10.50

Hand-Pulled Noodles $10.00

Thick yet chewy Northwestern Chinese

Style Noodles, hand-pulled to every order.

Choice of meat or seafood:

Vegetarian $10

Beef or Shrimp $13.50

Pork or Spicey Pork $13

Chicken $12

Tea House Noodles $8.50

Thin, imported angel hair noodles, served

with a choice of:

Vegetarian $8.50
Beef $10.50
Pork $9.00
Spicey Pork $9.00

Stir-Fried Fish Fillet $16

Wild-caught fish fillet, flavored with green

tea seasoning and wok-fried over an open

flame. Served with brown rice.

Ask your server about daily specials.


Cookies & Cream $6

Green tea ice cream, served with our

homemade tea cookies.

Imperial Tea Cookies $6

Ask about our assortment of handmade tea

Red Bean or Green Tea Ice Cream $3

A heaping scoop of red bean or green tea
ice cream.
1 scoop $3
2 scoops $4

Chocolate Wontons $6

Fried crispy wontons, filled with rich cocolate

We take your allergies very seriously. Please alert your server to any dietary restrictions before ordering.

Imperial Tea Court proudly serves local organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible.