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Hong Yu
Hong Yu


Hong Yu*:

Brewing Suggestions
Hong Yu (meaning Red Jade) has been the new darling of the modern era Asian black tea drinkers. Hybridized from Assam and Oolong teas, this bold new tea boasts a remarkably long, twisted leaf that resembles a well made Puchong or Wuyi Oolong.

Imperial Tea Court's first Hong Yu is wafting with an inviting, fruity aroma. The incredibly full bodied texture and its almost minty finish is unique only to itself. This intriguing Taiwanese black tea with its luxuriously deep red liquor certainly deserves your full attention.

We suggest enjoying this unique black/Oolong tea very much like you would with other Oolongs or blacks. Feel free to apply your favorite brewing techniques according to your personal preference. We preferred using a larger Gaiwan to allow the leaves to unfurl and release its magic. The versatility of this excellent tea allows you to experiment with steeping and time and temperature. Remember, you can brew it hot but you'll enjoy it more if you let it cool a bit before the first sip.

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