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Imperial Green Tea - 2019 Harvest
Imperial Green Tea - 2019 Harvest


Zhejiang, China is an eastern coastal province with a humid, subtropical climate. One of the most famous tea producing regions in China, records of tea production date back as early as the Wei and Jin Dynasties, 1500 years ago.

Imperial Green Tea:

Brewing Suggestions
Each batch of our Imperial Green is hand-produced in order to ensure high quality. Every year, we choose this tea for its graceful “flag and spear” appearance and easygoing, gentle nature. Smooth, silky, soft, and sweet, the Imperial Green never fails to deliver.

The Imperial Green’s trademark is its complexly sweet flavor without excessive astringency — this tea consistently performs above expectations no matter how you brew it. It produces a bright liquor with an astonishingly smooth texture that coats the tongue. This tea has a tender "vegetal" flavor that is balanced by its inherent sweetness. The mixture of bold flavors and complicated textures consistently earns this tea our highest “Imperial” standard.

The secret to the enjoyment of this great tea is in the quantity of leaves used. If you like to eyeball the amount of leaves used, you must do so with the understanding that this tea fools you with its fluffy and mild-mannered nature. Use more tea leaves than you think you need and amazement is achieved immediately. Due to the subtlety of this beautiful tea, you can be more aggressive by using a minimum of 5 grams of tea for a 6 oz gaiwan. Use low to mid temperature water and steep for a minimum of 1-2 minutes (or even longer, based on your preference), and we have to say again—Wow!

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