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Huoshan Huang Ya
Huoshan Huang Ya, A loose-leaf yellow tea


Houshan Huang Ya*:

Brewing Suggestions
Noted as one of the 14 most famous teas during the Tang Dynasty, Huo Shan Huang Ya has been named as one of the teas made tribute to the court from the Tang era (618-906) to the Qing era (1644-1911). This famous tea from the Anhui province is classified as a Yellow Tea, produced very much like a green tea except that it is covered prior to complete drying in order to produce a slightly yellowish tone leaf set.

Today’s Huo Shan Huang Ya is not as yellowish as versions produced in the Qing Dynasty, where covering the tea help reduce some of the grassy bitterness of some green teas yet maintaining the fresh sweet fragrance of high quality greens. This is a tea that will allow higher temperature and more “care free” brewing.

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