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Collectors Reserve Green "Bai Hao" Puerh
Collectors Reserve Green "Bai Hao" Puerh

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We've just received the new Collectors Reserve Green "Bai Hao" (White Tips) Puerh. Attractively packaged in our gift box and made from the 2001 vintage of early spring green Puerh tips, this tea is ready to drink now. But with time, this great Puerh will turn into something truly exceptional. Puerh teas all start their lives as green "unfinished or Un-fermented" leaves. Most Puerh teas have water added to the leaves to accelerate the aging and fermenting process that turns the tea into its commonly known darker form. Great Puerhs, however, start their lives as green tea but water is not added, instead, the tea is allow to slowly mature by natural aging. Like all good things, this process takes longer but the end result creates all the wonderful flavors of Puerh with the added complexity and liveliness that can only be found in great well aged green Puerhs. This Collectors' Reserve is an excellent candidate to become a great Puerh. Drink it today or lay it down to enjoy a great tea in the years to come.


To prepare Puerh tea from cakes or bricks: break off a small piece and gently crumble it into a teapot or gaiwan. Quickly flush (cover the leaves with hot water and pour it off) and appreciate the aroma of the wet leaves. Unlike most puerhs, this tea should be gently steeped in 70°C/158°F for 1-3 minutes and then served. Puerh tea generally may be re-steeped 3 or 4 times.

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