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Matcha Tea Set

Price: $150.00

Ever since the Japanese discovered tea from Buddhist monks in China during the Tang dynasty, they have been drinking Matcha (powdered tea), and have developed a whole life-style around the principles of tea. The Chado, or �Way of Tea' is the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony where they whisk Matcha tea into a tea bowl called �chawan' (tea bowl). The ceremony is known for its meticulous preparation and presentation of the tea and can last up to several hours. The Japanese tea ceremony goes well beyond drinking tea, as it has become a means for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. With our new Matcha set you have all the tools you need to have your own traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The set includes ceremony grade Matcha, ceramic chawan (tea bowl), traditional bamboo whisk, and bamboo Matcha scoop. Instruction pamphlet included.

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