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Berkeley Teahouse Menu

Dim Sum

Dragon Well Dumplings $9

Handmade dumplings, filled with creamy

textured pork and Dragon Well green tea.

Pork Shao Mai $6

Open-faced dumplings, filled with

shitake, brown rice and ground pork.

Pumpkin & Pork Shao Mai $6

Steamed Buns $6.50

Fluffy steamed buns, filled with a choice

of pork or vegetarian tofu, shitake, and

mustard greens.

Sweet Red Beans $3.75

Pot Stickers $8

Pan-seared dumplings with a choice

of pork, chicken, vegetarian tofu, cabbage

and shitake.

Also available in lamb $9

Green Onion Pancake $6

Crispy and chewy green onion

flat bread, pan-seared with

organic oil and seasoned with

sea salt.

Dim Sum Sampler $12

Chef's selection of favorites:

Vegetarian pot stickers, pork

shao mai, shrimp dumplings, and

steamed buns.*All vegetarian

selection available on request

Shrimp Dumplings $6

Hand-rolled and translucent

wrappers, filled with wild caught

shrimp and Yin Hao Jasmine

Green Tea.

Daikon Salad $5

Daikon radish, served marinated

and chilled in our secret vinegar

spicy seasoning.

Tea Broth Wontons $10

Hand-wrapped pork wontons in

a fragrant jasmine tea broth.

Organic Greens $5

Steamed rainbow chard and

Cabbage with our teahouse soy


Tofu Soup $6

Mushroom based broth with

organic tofu, carrot, cabbage,

and shitake mushrooms.

Add steam buns $9

Steamed Garlic Eggplant $6

Steamed garlic eggplant, served

chilled with toasted almonds from

our California tea farm.

Tea Service

Gaiwan Tea Service $5

Our classic tea service served in a traditional

Chinese Gaiwan.

Add $3 for shared or Imperial Tea

Tea of the Week $3.50

Ask your server about our tea of the week

Iced Tea $3.50

Choose from Jasmine, Sencha, Green, Yunnan
Black or Hibiscus

Gong Fu Ceremony

Requires special reservation

We take your allergies very seriously. Please alert your server to any dietary restrictions before ordering.

Imperial Tea Court proudly serves local organic and sustainable ingredients whenever possible.