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Aroma Cup Tasting Set Blow Fish Yixing Teapots Blue Bamboo Moon Yixing Teapot
Blow Fish Yixing Teapots
Price: $60.00

Breeze over Lotus Pond Complete Gift-Boxed Yixing Set Contemporary Classic Yixing Teapot
Covered Yixing Serving Vessel Dark Bamboo Yixing Teapot Dragon Alchemy Teapot
Dark Bamboo
Price: $68.00
Dragon Carp Yi Xing Teapot Dragon Egg Yixing Teapots Essence of Age Teapot
Gao Mei Tea Set Gu Jing Ti Liang Teapot Inscribed Dome Teapot
Gao Mei Tea Set
Price: $168.00
Inscribed Yixing Water Bowl Large Dragon Egg Teapot Lotus Seed of Friendship
Large Dragon Egg Teapot
Price: $168.00

Lucky Pig Teapot Mouse Teapots Small Yixing Tea Pot
Lucky Pig Teapot
Price: $48.00
Teahouse Yixing Teapot The "Olympic" Yixing Teapot The Family Teapot
The Family Teapot
Price: $88.00
Tribute Melon Teapot Yixing Clay Tasting Cup
Tribute Melon Teapot
Price: $120.00
Yixing Clay Tasting Cup
Price: $3.00

Yixing Praying Buddha - Besides great teapots, Yixing is also known to turn out some impeccable art pieces like this smiling and praying Buddha. The workmanship is simply superb; from the laughing marks on his face down to the toenails on his feet. Yixing Presentation Vessel Yixing Serving Pitcher
Yixing Serving Pitcher
Price: $15.00