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Imperial Keemun Hao Ya Champagne White Peony Imperial First Flush Darjeeling
Imperial Green Oolong - Chosen from the famed Fu Shao Shan region of Taiwan, this year’s harvest complies with our in-house standard for these Oolongs of the highest quality. The large, hand-rolled leaves help to develop this tea’s unique flavors. Organic Lion's Peak Dragon Well Tea
Everyday Tie Guan Yin Green Tea Huoshan Huang Ya, A loose-leaf yellow tea
Imperial Lotus Heart Dragonwell 2014 Spring Harvest Imperial Green 2014 Harvest Imperial Dragon Well
Minhong Jasmine Imperial White Peony Organic Tian Mu Qing Ding
Floral Keemun  is a Chinese Black Tea from Anhui Province in Eastern China. Keemuns have been one of the most popular Chinese Black tees since the late 1800's - frequently selected to blend for strong breakfast teas. Superior Keemun Mao Feng. This tea manages to balance the freshness of a floral taste with a hearty oak aftertaste. Lacking the sourness  common to floral Keemuns, this tea makes no sacrifices in flavor to compensate. Velvety mouthfeel. Crimson liquor. Our Imperial Keemun -  stands out from its peers in terms of both taste and aesthetic. The bright, jovial red it creates when infused in near –boiling water is eye-catching and stunning.
Keemun Sampler Huang Shan Mao Feng, one of the Top Ten Chinese green teas. Dragon Whiskers, a 2013 harvest green tea from Anhui province.
Wuyi Shui Jin Gui
1999 Aged Tuo Cha
Price: $75.00