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Imperial Gaiwan Collection Autumn Blossom Gaiwan Spring Bouquet Gaiwan
Winter Plum Blossom Gaiwan Flower of Prosperity Gaiwan Imperial Peony Gaiwan
Imperial Peony
Price: $30.00
Blue Orchid Gaiwan, one of the Imperial Gaiwans commissioned by Roy Fong of Imperial Tea Court. Crafted of fine bone china, this elegant vessel is a classic method of preparing and serving fine teas. Flowering Garden Gaiwan Peach Longevity Gaiwan
Blue Orchid Gaiwan
Price: $30.00
Ming Style Gaiwans Teahouse Gaiwan Ceremonial Gaiwan
Ming Style Gaiwans
Price: $38.00
Teahouse Gaiwan
Price: $20.00
Ceremonial Gaiwan
Price: $48.00
Yin and Yang Gaiwan Dragon Celadon Gaiwan
Yin and Yang Gaiwan
Price: $48.00
Dragon Celadon Gaiwan
Price: $35.00