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Keemun Sampler Aged Hong Mei Mao Feng Asian Paradise Blend
Earl Grey Floral Keemun  is a Chinese Black Tea from Anhui Province in Eastern China. Keemuns have been one of the most popular Chinese Black tees since the late 1800's - frequently selected to blend for strong breakfast teas. Heritage Edition Lapsang Souchong (non smoky). This is an excellent example of classic Lapsang Souchong - fully flavorful without harshness. A classic Chinese black tea.
Hong Yu Imperial Breakfast Imperial Chai
Our Imperial Keemun -  stands out from its peers in terms of both taste and aesthetic. The bright, jovial red it creates when infused in near –boiling water is eye-catching and stunning. Imperial Keemun Hao Ya Minhong Jasmine
Keemun Black Keemun Hao Ya Gift Tea Lapsang Souchong
Lychee Black Mango Black Organic Ceylon
Organic Chai Organic English Breakfast Red Peony
Rose Petal Black Select Yunnan Black Spicy Peach
Superior Keemun Mao Feng. This tea manages to balance the freshness of a floral taste with a hearty oak aftertaste. Lacking the sourness  common to floral Keemuns, this tea makes no sacrifices in flavor to compensate. Velvety mouthfeel. Crimson liquor. Superior Yunnan Black Vanilla Black
White Tea Congou Wild Blackberry Ying De Jin Mo Hou
Yunnan Gold Rings Yunnan Royal Gold