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Wuyi Tie Luo Han
Wuyi Tie Luo Han


According to the written record, teas have been produced in Fujian Province for well over 1,600 years. Growers currently produce five different categories of tea most of which originated in the province.

Wuyi Tie Luo Han*:

Brewing Suggestions
Tie Luo Han, all but unknown abroad, is the cultivar responsible for one of the four most famous yan cha, the great "rock teas" grown on cliffs in the Wuyi Shan area of Northern Fujian, the Chinese province on the southeastern coast facing Taiwan. Tie Luo Han might be fancifully translated "Iron Apostle" or "Iron Guardian of God" (luo han being the Chinese for "arhat" or "bodhisattva,")and "iron" describing the tea's darkish appearance. It is full-bodied and supple, with gentle floral notes and the traditional long-lasting finish of oolongs from the Wuyi region.

To prepare Wuyi Tie Luo Han we recommend individual gaiwans (steeping cups) in order to bring out the fullest aroma and flavor. Allow approximately 5-6 grams of leaf per Gaiwan and infuse with near-boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. Re-steep 3-4 times, gradually increasing infusion time and temperature.

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