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  Wuyi Old Bush Shui Xian
Wuyi Old Bush Shui Xian Tea


According to written records, teas have been produced in Fujian Province for well over 1,600 years. The region currently produces five different categories of tea most of which originated in the province.

Old Bush Shui Xian:

Brewing Suggestions

Unlike other Shui Xian varietals from other provinces or its low-grown cousin, this harvest of WuYi Old Bush Shui Xian is produced from the seventy-two square kilometers of land designated as growing authentic Yan Cha (cliff and rock tea). Additionally, only century-old bushes can be considered old bush, earning this tea a double pedigree of distinction.


Wuyi’s “Old Bush” Shui Xian is one of the most prized Oolongs that true aficionados of Wuyi teas collect and age. This is a tradition that has been followed for centuries and is very popular amongst Wuyi enthusiasts.  Aging Wuyi Oolongs allows the flavor to mature and concentrate. The tea is re-fired as needed to remove staleness and seal in flavors. Eventually, the aged tea becomes mellow and smooth with full bodied flavors and a deep red cup that is unequaled by any new harvest. The value of such Wuyi Teas is considerable.


This year's harvest of Old Bush Shui Xian features large, hand-rolled dark green leaves with red, lightly oxidized edges. The cup is orange-peachy red and the texture is full and creamy.  An indescribable note of rich and mature green vegetal flavor accompanied by a rare and elusive fragrance, described by the Wuyi Shan locals as "qing tai", are present. The finish, is refreshing, long lasting and invigorating.  We can imagine how great this tea is going to be in just a few years of aging and re-firing.


Wuyi Old Bush Shui Xian of this quality doesn't roll around the corner very often. In fact, it is becoming increasingly rare. We encourage you to take this opportunity start your own tradition of collecting and aging exceptional Wuyi Oolongs.


Brewing suggestion:


We suggest using a larger gaiwan or teapot to allow this great Oolong to unfurl and to give its best to you each and every and every time. In order to guarantee the optimal revelation of all its great quality, a fresh, good-tasting water is essential.


Temperature of the water should be near boiling. Do not boil your water repeatedly; overly boiled water tastes flat and can affect the flavor of the tea. Boil the right amount of water each time. Use freshly heated water for every infusion.


We used three to five grams during our cupping tests but you are encouraged to adjust, based on your own preferences. Greater amounts of tea require shorter steeping time to avoid bitterness. Finding your own technique is part of the enjoyment of tea.


Larger sized pots or cups seem to be more suitable for this large leaf tea.


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