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White Monkey
White Monkey Tea


White Monkey*:

This unusual white tea is new at Imperial Tea Court. The eccentric sister of Everyday White, it is harvested from the exact same plants, but picked a little more than a week earlier. What really sets White Monkey apart is the fact that it is cooked by pan firing, rather than sun-drying. While this production method is not uncommon for other types of tea, it is relatively rare for a white. In the case of White Monkey, the pan-firing produces a curly confetti of dried leaves, mostly dark green, but shot through with silvery glints of white tips on the unopened buds. An ephemeral sweetness hints at Everyday White, but that is where the teas diverge. White Monkey will appeal to lovers of nutty green teas, as the flavor boasts a warm palate of chestnuts, toasted butter, and clover honey. The resultant liquor is energetically verdant, and a well-rounded mouth feel lingers through a generous aftertaste.

A relatively high temperature of 175 -190 degrees (80 - 90 Celsius) is recommended, with steeping times of 2 - 3 minutes. Sipped hot, the tea showcases a range of robust flavors. However, if decanted after steeping and allowed to cool to lukewarm, an astonishing, near sugary sweetness is revealed. Always adjust quantity used and steeping time according to your preferences. Use higher temperature for more intensity and lower temperature for fragrance and texture.

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