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  2014 Spring Harvest Imperial Green
2014 Spring Harvest Imperial Green


Zhejiang, China is an eastern coastal province with a humid, subtropical climate. One of the most famous tea producing regions in China, records of tea production date back as early as the Wei and Jin Dynasties, 1500 years ago.

2014 Spring Harvest Imperial Green:

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Brewing Suggestions
This Imperial standard green tea once again measures up to the fantastic quality we have learned to expect year after year. This tea is always forgiving, no matter how it is brewed. The tea’s unique, sweet flavors seem to have intensified and concentrated this year. As always, it is beautifully handcrafted in "two leaf and a bud" sets. Sometimes called the "flag and spear", the description denotes the shape of the infused leaf with its two freshly opened leaves and a single, unopened bud.

Our signature Imperial Green tea is known for its bright, clear liquor and full mouth-feel with a persistent aftertaste. With its fresh springtime fragrance and soothingly sweet flavor, Imperial Green is everything an emperor could desire and a tea that few others may hope to experience. There is not much else we can say for this consistently great tea, except that it is remarkable in every sense of the word, and worthy of anyone's Imperial standard.

Due to the fluffy nature of the leaves, we recommend a minimum of 5 grams of tea per 6 oz. of water. If you are "eye-balling" the quantity of leaves to use, please brew more than you think you need to ensure correct level of flavor.

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