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Special Reserve Puerh
Special Reserve Puerh


Special Reserve Puerh*:

For years, patrons of Imperial Tea Court have enjoyed and learned to love this aged loose-leaf "finished" (Puerh tea that has been allowed to ferment by introducing moisture to dried green Puerh leaves) Puerh in our stores. We are making this great tea available online so that Puerh lovers who can't make the trek to our stores can still savor a bit of Imperial Tea Court at home. The rich, velvety mouth-feel and lush clean earthiness that can only be found in well-aged Puerh are experienced in abundance. The sweet, lingering aftertaste actually increases with each steeping. Despite its big, full-bodied nature, this terrific Puerh produces no bitter astringency.

Pre-warm a standard gaiwan (covered tea cup); fill with 3-5 grams of tea, cover with lid, and steep in near-boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Drain the tea into a second cup to avoid over-steeping. Adjust quantity of leaves and steeping time according to personal preference. Gong fu tea-brewing techniques are recommended for more advanced tea lovers. We suggest using a larger and thicker Yixing teapot to enable full expansion of leaves and full extraction of flavors.

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