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Old Bush Shui Xian Tea Cake
Old Bush Shui Xian Tea Cake

Price: $260.00

Since the Qing Dynasty, the aging value of Wuyi's "Old Bush" (tea bushes that are one hundred years old or more) has been prized by true Wuyi Tea connoisseurs. A few years of aging will smooth off the harshness, bring deeper colors to the liquor and give more build to the body. Wuyi tea famers typically age some part of their yearly harvest, re-firing this leaf every year or so to remove unwanted moisture and staleness and to seal in flavors. These slow and gentle firings continue to build up the character of the tea. Following this tradition, Imperial Tea Court is now pleased to offer our first Wuyi "Old Bush" Shui Xian Cake Tea. Carefully compressed, the leaf was harvested from selected 100 year old bush harvests and after manufacture was wrapped in cotton paper to allow continued aging. This Wuyi cake tea weighs 357 grams and carries inside the massive structures and intensity needed for proper aging. An exceptional cake tea with layers of flavors and complexity, it can be enjoyed right away or aged for further development.

Brewing suggestions:
Break off 3-5 grams of tea (adjust quantity to your preference) and infuse with near boiling water for 1-3 minutes (longer time for more intensity), drain tea into another vessel and allow to cool to a lower temperature before enjoying. Repeat steepings using the same method is suggested, adjusting temperature and steeping time according to personal preference.

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