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Imperial White Peony and Rose Petals
Imperial White Peony and Rose Petals Tea


According to written records, teas have been produced in Fujian Province for well over 1,600 years. The region currently produces five different categories of tea most of which originated in the province.

Imperial White Peony-Rose Petals*:

Classic White Peony tea is made from downy buds that have two small leaves attached to their base (termed two leaves and a bud). The two leaves cradling the bud are said to resemble the shape of peony flower petals. Our Imperial White Peony with Rose is made from specially produced Fujian white tea generously blended with the finest dried rose petals.

The beauty of Imperial White Peony with Rose is best appreciated through traditional gaiwan preparation. In a pre-warmed Gaiwan place 3-4 grams of tea and cover with 80C (176F) water and infuse for 1-3 minutes. Re-steep by gradually increasing infusion time and water temperature.

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