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  2013 - Imperial Lotus Heart Dragon Well
Imperial Lotus Heart Dragonwell


Zhejiang, China is an eastern coastal province with a humid, subtropical climate. One of the most famous tea producing regions in China, records of tea production date back as early as the Wei and Jin Dynasties, 1500 years ago.

Imperial Lotus Heart Dragonwell*:

Brewing Suggestions

This year's Imperial Lotus Heart features slightly larger and darker colored leaves. As always, impressive and full of complexity, the production of one kilo of this ultra-high-quality dragon well requires around 100,000 picked leaves! Although some lesser quality dragon well tea is experiencing less demand, high quality dragon well like our selection for 2013 has experienced increased pricing due to another decrease in production. After filling orders from our waiting list, there is only a small amount of tea to be offered so don't wait too long . . .

According to Roy's book, The Great Teas of China, this year's Lotus Heart certainly conforms to the four uniques outlined: light jade yellow color in the cup, vegetal aroma, mellow chestnut-like flavor, and singular appearance with flat, straight, narrow leaves pointed at the tip. The mouth-feel and texture is exquisitely silky. West Lake Dragon Well, in general, is considered the undisputed King of Green Tea in China, due to its popularity. This year's Lotus Heart Dragon Well gives every reason to uphold this honored placed in the hearts of Dragon Well lovers worldwide.

This year's dragon well is lighter in flavor but features more sweetness and gentle notes of fresh cut spinach and asparagus. When brewed correctly, it displays a ripe avocado blended with milk texture, thick and creamy!

We would suggest using more leaves, a min. of 5-6 grams per 6 oz. of water, and infuse with low temperature water for a few minutes. Drain into a fine porcelain cup to enjoy when the tea is lukewarm.

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