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Imperial Ivory Green Tea
Imperial Ivory Green Tea


Imperial Ivory Green Tea*:

We're always excited when Roy brings a rare and exotic tea specimen back from his travels in China. This year we've dubbed one of his finds Imperial Ivory because it's an uncommon albino version of our popular Imperial Green. Don't be misled by this tea's yellowish appearance; it's the result of the tea genetically producing less chlorophyll. That means it's not as fresh and grassy as its jade-colored sibling, but instead it offers weighty texture and a sweet, full flavor that would pair delightfully with a meal. The leaves become even paler upon infusion, and the liquor is light yellow, belying its rich taste. A rewarding tea destined to become one of this year's favorites!

As with Imperial Green, this tea may be brewed with a wide range of water temperatures. We recommend water around 170 degrees F, starting in a room-temperature gaiwan (not pre-warmed), and brewing with the gaiwan uncovered until the leaves are fully open.

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