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  Imperial Gyokuro
Imperial Gyokuro


Imperial Gyokuro*:

Brewing Suggestions

We are excited to present our only Gyokuro offering for 2012. This renowned Japanese tea is shaded for 20 days prior to harvest to enhance color, flavor, and nutrients. Our 2012 Harvest Imperial Gyokuro comes from Uji, the region where Gyokuro's unusual and complicated growing technique was invented. Originally, this tea was so rare that it was reserved exclusively for the ruling Shogun!

The name Gyokuro translates to Jade Dew, highlighting its intense green color both in the leaf and in the cup. Our 2012 Imperial Gyokuro is a feast for eyes, nose, and palate alike. It presents small, deep green, needle-like leaves that deliver the thick - chewy - texture and intense burst of fresh and intense "green" flavor for which gyokuro is famed. Grown in cold, northerly Japan, Gyokuro is fundamentally different from most modern day Chinese green teas. Instead of offering a complex matrix of flavors and drinking experiences, gyokuro is laser-focused on providing an extreme - and extremely delicious - blast of jade-green color, potent fresh aroma, mouth-filling texture, and concentrated, sweet chlorophyll taste.


For best results with this Gyokuro, use a bit more leaf than with Chinese teas and use lukewarm water, around 100 degrees F. Infuse a minute or two in a gaiwan or thin porcelain cup, until the brew develops rich color and aroma, then savor this Japanese classic. We recommend using our Gourd Tea Strainer with Imperial Gyokuro. Due to the nature of the tea, when it is brewed in a gaiwan it's almost impossible to prevent a few small leaf fragments from slipping out into the serving pitcher. For the most artistic presentation and to maximize visual appeal, the tea should be strained as it is poured into the teacups.

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