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Imperial Golden Needle Jasmine
Imperial Golden Needle Jasmine


Imperial Golden Needle Jasmine*:


This elegant new jasmine tea is truly beautiful in every regard. It begins its life as a silver needle white tea, or bai hao yin zhen (meaning "white hair silver needle"). The tea is thoroughly dried by roasting, then the leaves are introduced to moist, freshly picked jasmine blossoms in small batches. The flowers release heat and moisture as they begin to ferment, imbuing the tea leaves with fragrance and essential jasmine oils. The tea and flowers are then separated, and the tea is dried once again.

To ensure the remarkable pungency of our jasmine teas, this process is repeated not once, but five times. Over the course of these repeated scenting, some of the tiny silvery hairs are rubbed away, exposing the surface of the young leaf and giving this tea its namesake golden appearance. The resulting golden (of course) infusion is complex and almost buttery in the mouth, offering a warm summer palate of jasmine nectar and mellow fruit.


We recommend brewing in a pre-warmed gaiwan, using 3 to 5 grams of tea per 6 ounces of water, nearly boiling. If you decide to eyeball your portions, err on the side of plenty, and use more tea than you think you need. For best results, steep for about two minutes, then allow the tea to cool a bit before enjoying.

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