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Hunan Dragon's Mane
Hunan Dragon's Mane


Hunan Dragon's Mane*:

The first green tea to arrive from the 2012 harvest is finally in our stores! Unlike other tea producing regions on the Eastern coast, Hunan's inland geographic location avoids delays caused by rain and cold weather, allowing for an earlier harvest. They come out of the gate first with this excellent Bi Luo Chun-style green tea, called Hunan Dragon's Mane. Fresh from the year's first harvest, it features abundant amounts of curly silver tips, and a mildly sweet and malty flavor profile. The texture is soft and almost buttery, with an interesting and gently insistent finish. The Hunan Dragon's Mane is expertly (and carefully) pan-fired by hand so that the white "mane" stays intact. The tea then undergoes a gentle firing over charcoal to heighten the aromatics and further reduce moisture.

Hunan Dragon's Mane is best brewed with mid-range water temperatures (approx. 70C) using 3-4 grams of tea per 8 oz of water. Always adjust steeping time, quantity of leaves, and water temperature according to personal preferences.

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