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Gui Fei Cha
Gui Fei Cha


Taiwan once known as Formosa, is an island state that lies 110 miles off the southeastern coast of the mainland, characterized by rugged mountains and gently rolling plains with a humid, marine climate. Cultivation of tea began in 1717.

Gui Fei Cha*:

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Gui Fei Cha ("concubine tea") is an uncommon oolong from Taiwan. It's produced by a unique method: it's briefly attacked by insects, tea green leaf hoppers. The plant's natural defense to the invasion changes the flavor of the leaf and unexpectedly yields a distinctive floral almost honey-like aroma and taste to the tea. You'll notice that Gui Fei Cha is made with a smaller leaf set than most oolongs, and includes tips.


Gui Fei Cha may be prepared in either an yixing pot or a gaiwan. Place 3-5 grams of leaf in the prewarmed vessel and quickly flush with hot water. Be sure to appreciate the rich aroma of the damp leaves, then cover with 90-95ºC (194-205ºF) water and steep 2-3 minutes. Lower water temperature yields more floral notes, while hotter water offers more intensity.

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