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Dragon Whiskers
Dragon Whiskers, a 2013 harvest green tea from Anhui province.


Dragon Whiskers:


Since the opening of the first Imperial Tea Court's back in 1993. The Dragon Whiskers has been an important member of our green tea family. Folks simply fell in love with this tea’s simple but wonderful flavors of lightly toasted chestnuts and green floral notes!
In recent years it's been difficult to find sources that meet our high standards so, during Roy's visit to Anhui, the procurement of a high quality Dragon Whiskers was on the top of his priority list. We are happy to report that he was able to return the beloved Dragon Whiskers to our green tea selections.

This harvest of Dragon Whisker’s straight forward nuttiness and mild green floral notes make it perfectly suitable for green tea aficionados as well as new enthusiasts. The aggressive nature of this tea just makes it so much more approachable that we are considering listing this exceptional tea in our “everyday” tea page as well!

Brewing suggestions:

We suggest 3 grams of tea per each 6 oz standard porcelain gaiwan, infuse with mid temperature water and steep for 1-3 minutes, drain tea into another porcelain cup to enjoy. Re-infusions are encouraged, slowly increase steeping time with each consecutive infusions. Also adjust steeping time, water temperature and amount of tea leaves use according to your own personal preferences.

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