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Ba Da Shan Green Puerh Cake, Vintage 2006
Ba Da Shan Green Puerh Cake, Vintage 2006

Price: $80.00

Produced in some of Yunnan province's oldest tea-producing regions and noted for generating an abundant amount of "Cha Qi" (the energy-enriching feeling one experiences after consuming Puerh tea), this Ba Da Shan Green Puerh yields mature apricot-like fruitiness and lush, concentrated flavors. This tea suits those who like big, full-bodied flavors. It is ready to drink now but is also suitable for further aging in either dry or slightly humid environments.

The compressed and large-leaf nature of this green Puerh requires hot water to fully extract its flavors. We recommend using a standard 6 oz. gaiwan (do not pre-warm gaiwan); fill with 3-5 grams of leaves, cover with lid, and steep in near-boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Adjust steeping time, temperature, and quantity of leaves according to your personal preference. A few trials may be needed to find your own "comfort" level. Remember to drain your tea into another vessel to avoid over-steeping.

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