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2011 Edition Da Hong Pao
2011 Edition Da Hong Pao


2011 Edition Da Hong Pao*:

We've finally found a Da Hong Pao that we feel is worthy of this storied variety's famous name! This is an attractive tea with greenish black leaves and red-brown leaf edges. It infuses to an orange-red liquor. In the cup it has a sweet, floral aroma with caramelized notes that develop when abundant sap in the leaves is exposed to the direct heat of firing. This is a complex and multidimensional tea that evolves through several infusions.

The texture in the mouth is substantial without being chewy and there's a sweet, lingering finish. Da Hong Pao (sometimes known in English as Big Red Robe) is the most famous of all the 100+ yan cha varieties, and we're proud of our 2011 selection. Try it and we think you'll agree, this legendary tea is like a tea tour of Wu Yi Shan in a cup, as you can discover flavors, aroma, and intriguing complexities of many individual yan cha varieties in this single extraordinary tea.

Like all Wuyi Oolongs, they are meant to be a hearty straight forward sort of tea. Also the fluffy nature of its large leaf size make you think you're using more leaves than you think. In Wuyi Shan, the local folks uses a LOT of leaves (almost a full Gaiwan full of leaves) and do quick steeping with boiling water. We would suggest that may be you should work your way up to the full cup of leaves but certainly use a bit more than you usually do if you are "eye balling" the amount of leaves. We would also suggest using a bit more temperature infusion if you do use a lot of leaves. For a more classic brew, use a gaiwan (steeping cup).

Allow approximately 5-6 grams of leaf and infuse with near-boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. Re-steep several times, gradually increasing infusion time. Or, for the most rewarding and traditional experience, brew it in an yi xing teapot. Always adjust time, quantity of leaves and temperature to achieve your own personal preference. Also try sipping after the infused tea has cooled down a bit so that you can enjoy its fullest potential.

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